• WillDaGleek

    Heyy I'm Will :)

    So, yes this community is small, but day by day we are growing. Now I think just to get into the spirit of things, and to become a "family" of some sorts we should simply get to know each other.

    I'll come out with one of these blogs every know and again for you guys to read and do, only if you want to, and you don't need to anwser all the questions if you don't want to :)

    Just awnser the questions in a comment and learn a little about everyone else! Copy and paste the questions in the comments and awnser them.

    1. Name:
    2. Age:
    3. Country:
    4. Intrests:
    5. Strengths:
    6. Weaknesses:
    7. Favorite TV Show(s):
    8. Favorite Song(s):
    9. Favorite Character In The New Normal:
    10. Favorite Moment In The Pilot (If You Have Seen It):
    11. Any Suggestions For The Wiki?:
    12. Anything Else:

    1. Nameā€¦

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  • WillDaGleek

    The New Normal Wiki

    August 30, 2012 by WillDaGleek

    Hello everyone! I'm Will, one of your admins.

    Welcome to the wiki! Now while this may seem small, and tiny, and empty, with your help we can make it grow. All we need is your time and effort. Make an account! Edit a page, and some information, fix some errors. Comment, tell your friends, add them to this community. With your help we can make this wiki a fine place.

    Thank you,


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