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    Pilot Review.

    August 30, 2012 by Luke&DiannaMagick

    Hey guys! Luke here with my review of the first episode, Pilot! Okay so I have to say from the moment I saw Bryan, I knew I was going to like him, I loved the little conversations Rocky and Bryan have and how Rocky buys herself things using Bryan's money is hilarious! Now, I have noticed a lot of little Glee traits in some characters and I have to say I think that is wonderful! I could totally see traits of Sue Sylvester in the scene with Jane and Goldie's husband, I couldn't stop laughing! I really enjoyed how the two sets of characters came to meet, it didn't seem forced, it totally made sense. I must say Dryan's cute bed scene when discussing the biological father and the mother-daughter bond Goldie and Shania share made my heart melt!…

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