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    Word Cannot Describe

    October 10, 2012 by IAmRumbleRoar

    Words cannot describe how exciting it was to change Bryan and David's relationship status!!! :DDDD

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  • IAmRumbleRoar

    New Pages

    September 23, 2012 by IAmRumbleRoar

    Hi everyone! I added a whole bunch on new character pages if anyone wants to work on them. :) They still need episode summaries on them and such. (I'm not too good that that kind of stuff lol). Have at it :)

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  • IAmRumbleRoar

    Hey guys! I was looking around at the character pages and I noticed that the relationship between Bryan and David is classified as three different things in like, six different places. In one area it will say they're husbands, another will say they're boyfriends, and another will say 'partners'. Can we maybe decided which one it is to keep things more uniform? Seeing as gay marriage isn't legal in California (unfortunately) I don't think we can classify them as husbands. But idk. Just looking for some verification so we can clean up the character pages more. Thank you :)

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