Shania-Wilbur Relationship
General Information


No information

Intimacy Level

Friends, Crush, Kissed, Pretend Engagement

Started Dating


Dating Status

Broken up (as of Bryanzilla)

The Shania-Wilbur Relationship is the friendship and romantic relationship between Shania Clemmons and her classmate Wilbur. As of Bryanzilla they are broken up.


Season OneEdit

Baby ClothesEdit

Obama MamaEdit


Shania and Wilbur have a fake wedding.Shania is mad at Wilbur beacause he pretend married 3 girls.It is possible that there relationship ended.


  • Wilbur proposed to Shania with a Ring Pop.
  • He was Shania's first heart break.
  • Their pretened engagement was registered at Toys R Us.
  • They wanted to live in the French wine country for at least a year before deciding to have kids.
  • Their pretend honeymoon would have been in Disney World.


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