Vital statistics
Full Name Melissa
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Relationships Unknown
Friends Garry Snyder (possibly)
Enemies Bryan Collins
David Sawyer
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Other Information
Nicknames The Womb Terrorist (Bryan)
Portrayer Leslie Grossman

Melissa is a minor character on the TV show, The New Normal. She was to be the surrogate for Bryan and David.

She is portrayed by Leslie Grossman .


Season OneEdit


Bryan and David meet with her at a restaurant where she blackmails them, saying that she'll do harmful things to their fetus (ie. drink alchohol, smoke, eat raw fish) if the two men don't buy her all the things she wants. It is later found out that she's not pregnant and that they find a new surrogate Goldie.


  • Celine Dion gave her a great reference.

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