Edgar Forrest
Vital statistics
Full Name Edgar Forrest
Gender Male
Family Jane Forrest (former wife)
Unnamed Daughter
Goldie Clemmons (granddaughter)
Shania Clemmons (great-granddauughter)
Clay Clemmons (grandson-in-law)
Relationships Jane Forrest (Formerly Married)
Leon (Sexual)
Friends Leon
Enemies N/A
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Light Brown
Other Information
Nicknames N/A
Portrayer Jeff Harlan

Edgar Forrest is a minor character on the TV show, The New Normal. He is the former husband of Jane Forrest, He was the reason she became homophobic.

He is portrayed by Jeff Harlan.


Season OneEdit


Jane tells David, Goldie, Shania and Bryan the story of her husband and his friend Leon, Jane said that she caught Edgar and Leon having sex in the back of the pet shop, Edgar and Jane stayed together for 10 more years before their marriage ended.


Edgar appears after a dinner with Jane, before he leaves for the pet shop, presumably to have sex with Leon.


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